Website Maintenance Service

Who doesn’t want to sit back with an amazing website and drive in a flood of leads? Everyone, right? Well forget about the flood, you hardly get a drop of leads if you only sit back instead of working on your website.

The world of internet is ever changing; a website once at the top of google results might be kicked out of top rankings by other competent internet sites. Your once quintessential website can now be called an outdated website that is unable to keep a follow up with the new online trends.

Don’t fret! You still can save yourself from drowning with your website; you only need a little website maintenance for replenishing it. We offer website maintenance service for making your website run smoothly without being affected by changing trends & time. What does this website maintenance service include? Here is a quick overview:

  • Optimized Website Performance
    In spite of hosting your website on a fast server, your website might get slowed down while loading. We work on your website to improve its loading time and page speed.
  • Virus and Bugs Removal
    We analyze your website from scratch to spot and rectify any bug or virus hindering the overall performance of your website. Broken links, improper content placement, unnecessary elements, and virus codes embedded in your website are corrected and removed respectively.
  • Domain and Hosting Renewal
    When your domain name and hosting expires, your website is denied access unless you renew it on time. Under our website maintenance service, we renew your domain name and hosting registration to keep your website running hassle free on the internet.
  • Content Update
    The existing content in your website might not be talking about the services you have added to your business, or it doesn’t fit the redesigned layout of your website.You can share the new content with us containing the updated information about your business organization, and we update the same on your website the way it exactly fits your website layout.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    To obtain the leads, you primarily need a good traffic on your website. Without keeping it search-engine friendly, the online audience would not be able to identify you as a brand or service provider. We make sure that your website stands out as SEO-friendly entity by generating URLS, and building the web pages for both search engines and human users.

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